I offer premium services using premium products.  I've worked in groom shops that use the cheapest products available. Some just use one generic shampoo for everything!   I always have an array of shampoos and products to match to your pet's individual needs.
All of our grooms include:

* A Premium Bath using our Super Sudser Process with the shampoo and conditioner best suited to your pet
   (This ensures that even the thickest coat will get deep cleaned.)
* Ear Cleaning and plucking of ear hair if needed
* Trimming of nails
* Sanitary trim and hair removal on pads if needed
* Expressing anal glands
*No hot air cage drying! All pets are hand dried using only ambient air velocity blowers.
*Standard breed pet clip with a scissor finish
*Thorough brush-out
*And last but not least bows or a bandana plus cologne!

I also offer a great treatment to prevent shedding. This process uses special shampoos and additives to loosen and remove shedding fur. You will see a dramatic difference in shedding.  And unlike most groomers in the area I don't charge an additional fee for this procedure.

Services that require an additional charge:

*Toothbrushing - $5.00
Dematting is an additional $1.00 per minute!  Dematting can be painful to your pet.  Mats can conceal conditions not first apparent such as irritated skin, fleas, moles, scabs, etc...  The dematting process can aggravate your pet's skin!  If the matting is too significant, or deemed to be too stressful to your pet, the only option is to do a shave-down.  With more frequent grooming your pet won't have to go though the dematting process!  

Your dog will come out happy and looking great!


I charge a flat $80.00 per hour with a 1hr minimum. After the 1st hour the time is billed in 15 mintue increments.  The time it takes to groom most pets is anywhere from 1 hour to two hours.  Of course, the larger and hairy the pet the longer it takes to groom them.


Return Checks will be accessed a $25.00 Return Check Fee, and will be cash only on future appointments.

Appointment Cancellations -  To avoid a cancellation charge, 48 hour notice must be given!  Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hour notice will incurr a 40.00 charge!  Cancelling an appointment at the last minute greatly impacts my buinsess!

For your next groom appointment - Call (828) 337 - 6582

We offer multiple pet household discounts!  Tell a friend, and you are eligible for a referral discount off your next groom!

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